Brexit, What Is Frictionless Trade Could Such Technologies Enhance Moldova’s Exports

Why would the UK Government’s proposal of using technology for frictionless trade to become a game changer in the future for global trade and trust?

As explained by Grant, Counterfeit goods, illegal goods, consumer protection and more just to name a few, The UK’s objective is to streamline its trade processes making it easier post brexit to deliver global trade agreements within new markets a

Three of the best tackle the thorny issue of Brexit for startups at Disrupt Berlin

The turbulence of Brexit has left both U.K. and European startups alike wondering about the best path forward. From recruiting to acquiring investment to scaling into other parts of Europe, the challenges seem to be mounting. By December, who knows what will have happened on the Brexit landscape, such is the chaos.

At Disrupt Berlin in December, we’ll hear from investor Bindi Karia, who has deep European ties; founder Glenn Shoosmith, who’s expanding his startup internationally; and German-born but U.K.-domiciled VC Volker Hirsch on how to make the right decisions in the face of these obstacles.

Bindi Karia works as

Brexit: Frictionless Trade Myth or Reality

Technology is moving us to Trade without Borders Is Brexit EU actually creating more borders or redefining what they look like

Brexit and the endless debate of the Northern Ireland Border “Good Friday Agreement”, Whilst Boris Johnson proposed to use technology which was denied by the EU Negotiator Michel Barnier as untested and unproven, he had a report in 2017/18 of nearly 50 pages about frictionless trade and technology.

How real is Boris Johnson’s proposal for a solution around the Northern Ireland border and the UK going forward based on Frictionless Trade.

It’s very real and credible and actually solves many issues that the EU is still yet to solve due to its 27 Members as each country must adopt and have the legislation in place.

What are th

European early-stage VC firm ‘Project A’ on Europe’s startup scene taking the next step

Project A, the Berlin-based VC, just raised a new $200 million fund (€180 million) to continue backing European startups at Seed and Series A stage.

In addition, the firm — whose investments include WorldRemit, Catawiki, Voi and Uberall — announced it will now have a presence in London and Stockholm in order to put people on the ground in what it says are “two of its favorite ecosystems.”

What better time, therefore, to catch up with the team at <a class="crunchbase-link" href="htt

How UK VCs are managing the risk of a ‘no deal’ Brexit

Grab your economic zombie mask: A Halloween “no deal” Brexit is careening into view. New prime minister Boris Johnson has pledged that the country will leave the European Union on October 31 with or without a deal — “do or die” as he put it. A year earlier as the foreign secretary, he used an even more colorful phrase to skewer diplomatic concern about the impact of a hard Brexit on business — reportedly condensing his position to a pithy expletive: “Fuck business.”

It was only a few years ago during the summer of 2016, following the <a href="

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