One Million Dollar Exclusive Rare Collectors Physical Casascius Bitcoin

Lee Gibson Grant of CiviliXation Digital Economies explains what Physical Casascius Bitcoins are and how they operate as a very unique store of value. In July 2019, a 1 Bitcoin Physical Casascius coin was sold on E-Bay for 99,000$. SubSudio project is offering there very rare five BTC Physical Casascius Bitcoin for potential

Website Hosting: What you should know

Thinking of starting your website or are you having problems with web hosting service? Look no further as you have come to the right place. A website is a critical matter in the day and age we live in where most of the people are internet savvy hence this article will arm you with a few tips to help you when starting out or correct the few problems you have been facing.

Before we delve in, it is important to consider a recent trend in web-hosting. There are many web hosting companies nowadays, and so the competition is stiff. What this means is that web hosting companies have come up with crafty methods of inducing clients to their services. You should be very careful with this as what may be advertised as free web-hosting may have substantial financial implications for you later on.

Firstly, for spreading risk purposes, you could consider registering your domain name with a different company that hosts your website. This is to avoid a scenario where if a web hosting company does

Goodbye deceptive links, thanks Google’s plan

Google recently announced that it is developing an algorithm that will warn users about social engineering sites and illegitimate download buttons. This comes in the wake of increased number of fake download buttons and social engineering sites and is part of Google’s undertaking to ensure safe browsing. Previously, Google warned users about malware detection or expiry of a site certificate.

The proposed move is very important as the web has undergone a quick metamorphosis into something completely different from what it was some twenty years ago. Around 1997, during the era of Netscape Navigator and AOL, things were completely different and such fake download buttons were not as rampant as is the case today.

Some of the websites being targeted by Google include those that pop up and tell the customer that their system is outdated and they need to install some plug in in order to watch a video. In addition those that scatter numerous “download” buttons when in fact only one

Hosted Desktops : How is VDI Different To DaaS ?

Hosted desktops are now offering a flexible and diverse solution when it comes to web based services, desktop management and security. Virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI offers admin the opportunity to have a lot more choices. Desktop as a Service or DaaS takes a different approach entirely however. It provides you with the option to outsource virtual desktops to your or a cloud servicing provider. There are a lot of course similarities and differences between the two, so we have come up with a few points to help you through.

A major difference between DaaS and VDI is with that DaaS outsources the hosted desktop to a cloud service. Cloud hosted desktops take pressure from those monitoring the IT problems, as they are safely stored away with constant monitoring and protection. However, you will still need the aid of your IT for the

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