7 Keys to Unlock Your Happiness

A happy entrepreneur is a better entrepreneur.

4 min read

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As an entrepreneur, I think it’s essential to be happy while you’re on the journey of building your empire. In fact, research shows that happy people are typically much more successful. It’s with that in mind that I wanted to share seven key focal points from my new book, <a href="https://www.amazon.com/Jumpstart-Your-Happiness-Prosperity-Motivation-ebook/dp/B07KM1B926/

How to Deal With Anxiety and Stress

Four steps to conquering the psychological roadblocks to success and happiness.

5 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Anxiety is often a nebulous concept. We know it affects our emotions, but it’s difficult to describe. This is because anxiety feels different for everyone. You might feel uneasy. You might feel light-headed or dizzy. Your heartbeat might escalate. You may experience hot flashes. Regardless of how anxiety affects you, it takes a heavy toll on your performance and stress levels. As a leader, you’re probably no stranger to it.

Anxiety is ultimately a reaction to stress

Get Activated: Improving Mental Health in Startups

It’s time to talk about how they can be tough environments for founders and employees.

5 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

One in five American adults will experience mental illness in any given year, and for one in 25 — or 11.2 million Americans — that illness will be severe enough to interfere with their daily lives and relationships. Twenty percent is already a high number, but the nonprofit org <a href="https://www.kaggle.com/osmihelp/osmi-mental-health-in-tech-s

Every Entrepreneur Should Have a VENQUE Bag. Here’s Why.

Score great deals on bags for all lifestyles.

3 min read

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The way you present yourself can go a long way in business. But when you’ve invested in a great suit or a beautiful pair of high-end shoes and are still showing up to big meetings with your raggedy backpack or gym bag, it doesn’t help the look. If you’re in need of a new, high-quality bag, check out these options from VENQUE®, all of which are on sale today.

<a href="http://store.entrepreneur.com/sales/flyp

Considering a Career Change? Here’s the Truth About the Messy Middle.

It’s often worth it, but it’s less glamorous than people make it out to be.

6 min read

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A career change is often made out to be like a glamorous makeover — a blasé “before” picture transformed to a beautiful “after” in a glossy magazine. But just as we never see the work that goes into a magazine makeover (the gym sweats, the shapewear, the layers of make-up, the $500 haircut), we rarely hear about the hustle and sweat that goes into a career change.

So let’s peel back all of the perfect projections and shiny Instagram filters and take an honest look at the me

Avoiding Negative Emotions Won’t Get You Anywhere

Difficult feelings aren’t the enemy.

7 min read

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I’ve been thinking a lot about dessert lately. What’s the most memorable, delicious bite of dessert you’ve ever tasted? Chances are, it wasn’t a store-bought, plastic-wrapped ball of sugar and food coloring. It probably had complex and thoughtful ingredients, designed to delight your senses.

The same, I think, is often true outside of the kitchen. While we may be hard-wired for emotional sugar cravings, it’s the more complex parts of life — a dash of salt alongside the caramel — that create a full, mean

7 Gourmet Prison-Food Recipes for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

A former inmate’s guide to surviving those early, hungry days of small-business ownership.

5 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Whether you’re building that next big AR platform, creating another startup PR agency focused on blockchain (like the world needs more of those) or are a YouTube creator making a move to China, the early stage of a business can be tumultuous. And until you’ve hit that coveted “product-market fit” with a healthy side dose of MRR, chances are you’re broke AF. But have no fear. I’ve got some gourmet prison-food recipes that I can assure you from personal experience wi

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