Smart Cities – Could Chisinau Become A Truly Smart City And Attract The Required Investment Needed?

Lee Gibson Grant describes obstacles and a potential initial idea for Chisinau to explore; the example case of Dubai’s 2020 initiative. “First and foremost, Dubai aims to be the first city fully-powered by Blockchain technologies. Processing the likes of visa applications, bill payments and license renewals generate more than 100 million documents annually – by 2020, all these will be transacted digitally on the Blockchain. Going paperless will save Dubai US$1.5 billion (AED 5.5 bill

Brexit, What Is Frictionless Trade Could Such Technologies Enhance Moldova’s Exports

Why would the UK Government’s proposal of using technology for frictionless trade to become a game changer in the future for global trade and trust?

As explained by Grant, Counterfeit goods, illegal goods, consumer protection and more just to name a few, The UK’s objective is to streamline its trade processes making it easier post brexit to deliver global trade agreements within new markets a

Moldovian Blockchain Projects – Could The Blockchain Attract New Fintech Investments For Moldova?

Could CiviliXation Digital Economies become a game changer in the Republic of Moldova more so globally for smaller communities to attract investment and accomplish their vision and goals to improve Social Inclusion and Economic Inclusion.

Grant goes on to explain how he setup <a href="; target="_blank" rel="nore

ZoZo Coin Joins digital Distributed Technology Moldova Association for Blockchain Real estate investment Projects

Bitcoin Blockchain Press Release: 29 December, 2017, Chisinau, Moldova

The Distributed Technology Moldova Association (DTMA) has been formed by its founders with a view to initiate public debate, the support of the creation of jobs, the transition of governmental policies with regards to economic growth and implementation of relevant regulation for the Republic of Moldova, the education of the public and to provide a fact-based source of media data sourcing in support of peer-to-peer interactions secured by distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

ZoZo Coin Started out in 2016 with the focus of targeting real estate opportunities and leveraging the practical use of Blockchain technology

Drachmae Project Laboratory 2.0, a partnership between IT4BA, an innovative IT Incubator at ASEM University, Chisinau, Moldova

Innovative IT Incubator IT4BA, and Drachmae Project are aligning along a strategic roadmap to create Moldova’s First Blockchain Student Laboratory. The partnership comes from the strong demand for blockchain technology, and encourages innovation through student projects, with the goal of providing inspiration to develop their own products and services.

As part of the initiative the laboratory will be hosting an open day on the 10th of January, and will invite members of the media, academics and students. Aspiring students will have to complete an application since there will be only 25 positions available within the laboratory. These will include roles in IT development, branding, public relations and marketing. The goals of the laboratory will include creating commercially viable solutions.

To start with several projects will be initiated in the areas of tourism, wallets, a digital currency exchange, tokenisation and social inclusion. A new event is planned for March 23rd and

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