One Million Dollar Exclusive Rare Collectors Physical Casascius Bitcoin

Lee Gibson Grant of CiviliXation Digital Economies explains what Physical Casascius Bitcoins are and how they operate as a very unique store of value. In July 2019, a 1 Bitcoin Physical Casascius coin was sold on E-Bay for 99,000$. SubSudio project is offering there very rare five BTC Physical Casascius Bitcoin for potential

Moldovian Blockchain Projects – Could The Blockchain Attract New Fintech Investments For Moldova?

Could CiviliXation Digital Economies become a game changer in the Republic of Moldova more so globally for smaller communities to attract investment and accomplish their vision and goals to improve Social Inclusion and Economic Inclusion.

Grant goes on to explain how he setup <a href="; target="_blank" rel="nore

The Subsidio CiviliXation Partnership Proposes To Make Someone The World’s Very First Ever One Million Dollar Bitcoin Owner!

Recently Subsudio, a new Privacy-Centric IntraSubsNet project, entered  into a collaboration with CiviliXation Digital Economies “Digital Cooperatives”, piloting the 1st exchange in the Republic of Moldova back in 2017 which has been preparing to onboard ‘Old School’ style cooperatives into the Digital Realm by streamlining member services and a cooperative shares marketplace.

As part of The SubSidio CiviliXation public partnership, they have just announced a very rare and unique opportunity to own a real Casascius 5-BTC, virgin, unopened coin for $1,111,111! This is a very, very rare, one in a billion, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to be the very first person in the world ever to own the very first $1 million dollar Bitcoin! This is actually rarer than unicorn’s horns – 841 in

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